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If I were a cat, could you adopt me?

Hi I am sorry for disturbing you.

I am not sure if I get to send this to the Right Jesse Eisenberg. You know, the one of a kind, unique, fabulous Jesse.

In fact, I do not intend to make you read through this mail chic-chatting about how great you looked in the movies, how exceptional you are juggling among actor/play writer/book author but still do everything great (Also you are elegant, humble and witted with all those interviews).

 Still, you cannot blame me for murmuring how much I appreciate you, just can't help.

I've got to say, Bream gives me hiccups gave me thoughts, not hiccups, fortunately because I don't know how to get rid of hiccups once they got me. Then I will just spend all night hiccuping. Terrible, right? 

Still, I don't know why I am doing this, triggered by the short humor My Spam Plays Hard-to-Get? Probably not, but maybe. Those doubts lingering over my head, asked me questions hundreds of times like: why would I feel sad after reading those hilarious stories? why am I connected to them since I don't have divorced parents or some weird roommates? how could he pictured a girl's mind so well, vivid and realistic as well!? If I write something, would that be saying the things inside my head accurately? The last question's answer must be NO.

My ex-boyfriend told me that I'd be a good writer if I didn't study law. But it doesn't make any sense. A lawyer can be a good writer at the same time, look at Alan Dershowitz, a well-known attorney and author of The Best Defense. I guess I figure out how we ended up...now. Anyway, my point is, my writing skill (in Chinese) could only be activated while I am sad/heartbroken/depressed, at these moments I cannot talk to anybody, or after I did talk to somebody, it seems that nobody understood what I really felt. So I chose literally express what I felt in my blog (kind of old fashion today). 

Revenons à nos moutons, yes, I was wondering what's in your mind while writing/creating stories, what's your facial expression look like during that, you wrote each story in a row or you grasp every minute of free time like waiting in the airport or between scenes? Excuse me for dumping many questions on you. I am curious about how things are done, how your brain works (not neurologically speaking since I know nothing about biological nerves). I mean, how could you make me feel, laugh at it then feel sorry about it, then sad, pondering why this 9 year-old boy's reviews made me laugh and weep. 

Now is 11 p.m. GMT+8 on Sunday, tomorrow is another annoying Monday. The motivation at the first place of studying law is, I thought that would be a challenging work. I will be included in different projects, solving different issues and keep learning new stuff. But it turns out not that I imagined. I know I could never be an actress, I like watching you acting, imaging that you did live many lives in different movies. After work, you are still you, and you can play in the theatre to live a brand new one (BTW, could you tell me when and where your next play will be?). Chinese really need a couple months to apply for the U.S. or the UK visa, and ask boss's permission for leave.

Complexed, self-effacing, talented, there's many tags people give on you, but I believe you are far more than that.

Need to get back to my boring daily job and hate to wrap this email up.

Have a nice day.

Kindest regards,


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