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Amor, a calm, peaceful paradise where you could meet any possibility.
Last time I have been there, it was summer. A crowded, late summer in August. Despite the end of summer vacation, tons of peoples were shipped there, 8 yuan a time, low price in return of high quality. The Quality is the sight you can never imagine. A number of artists come to Amor, including musician, free lancer, even waitering in the cafe is one of the cool jobs. It is not the nature of the profession makes it cool, it is definely the location. Sheldon & Lenoard's mother both agree that going to toilet is like running the real estate, always location, location, location. It also happens to voyage. Once you decide to go out, to get some fresh air, to change a little bit the borning, repeating routine, to get out of the track, voyage is always the best choice.

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